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The Diva Reviews “Year of the Fish”

by Diva Velez,
Published: August 28, 2008

As a pachyderm who grew up devouring every possible version of Disney’s Cinderella, the film, the storybook, the LP with the storybook attached, the View-Master Viewer edition, the colouring book, etc. how shocking it was to find out that the fairy tale, long believed to have been authored in seventeenth-century France by one Charles Perrault, actually hailed from Asia sometime around 800 AD (- and apparently, there earlier versions than that). It’s the Chinese tale that brings us to Year of the Fish, a modern Cinderella story with a sweet and sour twist.

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“Year of the Fish” Press Blurbs

“[ONE OF] OUR 20 FAVORITE FILMS FROM SUNDANCE ‘07… not only charming, it’s also amazing to look at.” – AOL

“Doyer Street has never looked so poetically sun-dappled… the piquancy of a fresh slice of ginger… the thing glows.” – Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

“Sundance ’07 was one of the best… [one of] the festival’s most memorable films.” – Don Marshall, Deseret Morning News

“★★★★… [the director] finds the sweet spot where “Year of the Fish” is able to be mature and “real” enough to play to an adult audience while not losing track of the simple, hopeful idea that makes this story work in the first place.” – Jay Seavor,

“Superb – wonderfully acted and scripted.” – Michael Chen, San Diego Film Foundation

“The logline for this first feature by writer-director David Kaplan says, “Cinderella set in a Chinatown massage parlor,” and he’s not kidding. Even more surprisingly, it works.” – Bruce Newman, San Jose Mercury News

“Painterly and lyrical.” – Cynthia Wisehart, Digital Content Producer

“A tale of destiny and romance.” – Lisa Nesselson, Variety